Wednesday, November 12, 2008

PSA - cool marker find

I was at Dick Blick's picking up a Copic E11 (since I only needed the 1 color and it wasn't worth paying shipping by ordering it cheaper online) - I saw a wall of these.... For $1.69 each (and about $1.59ish if you are a member) - I picked up a few. They looked like prismacolor markers and smell like sharpies...

BEAUTIFUL vibrant colors. For those of you wondering, no, they do not blend like the copics - I think nothing does, actually. That's the magic of the Copic. But for a great quality marker with beautiful colors that are close enough you still get a pretty shading even if you don't get the Copic magical blend - I think you can't go wrong with $1.69.... (and when they rung up, the register said "derwent..." so maybe that's who makes them?)

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Jenna Franklin said...

Dick Blick would have to be either importing the markers themselves or just private labeling them through another company but I just can't imagine it would be Derwent! Derwent is very much an art pencil company - they are very specialized and if I'm not mistaken, actually had the very first pencil factory (they're in the UK) and even discovered graphite. But they've never done pens of any sort to my knowledge - I was an art buyer and at least as of when I left last year they weren't doing anything but pencils, lol! But in any case, still wish I had a Dick Blick locally!!