Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Gamsol coloring - another method

Not long ago, I posted a class about coloring stamped images with Gamsol and colored pencils. if you missed it, please click here for the basic techniques.

I recently stumbled on an alternative method by accident. I was wondering what effect I could get if I just outlined and then used the gamsol to blend only the outline inwards. I loved the subtle shading of the results.

Just go around the edges of your image with your pencil - lay your strokes on a little heavy - that will give you the pigment that you will be manipulating later.

Now, using only this single color outline, take your blending paper nib, dip it in your gamsol, and just start to pull the color inwards from the outside line, in small circular motions. Move from the outside in…

You will find that the color is darker on the outside, much lighter on the inside, and the shading is very subtle… Its a very pretty effect.

Just by way of comparison - here are the images from my first class - using the multi color pencil method:

Here’s a card I did using this method (from last weeks' Unity Hip Hop Thursday). The effect is most pronounced around the spots on the deer- i did not pull it directly into the spots but the color is so soft around it, that it recreated a deer’s natural coloring nicely. Stamps by Unity Stamp Company, November Kit of the Month.

have fun!!

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