Monday, September 22, 2008

painting with inkpads

I am going to start to post some more substantive stepouts. Since this is both a stamping and a scrapping blog, you'll find entries that may or may not be too elementary, or too complicated, for you. But hopefully, overall, it'll be useful to someone at some point.... My hope is to upload something at least once a week. Wish me luck....

Today is coloring with inkpads. I learned this technique at a stamping expo maybe 2 years ago. (This was part of a coloring class I did at the LM anniversary crop this past weekend)

Stamp various dye inkpads onto a nonporous clear or white surface (Just turn your pads over and press once onto the pallette). I have a palette here that I bought at the stamping expo. Any thing nonporous would work. Since mine is clear, I put it over a white piece of paper so I could see the ink and the colors.

Take a water brush - dip the tip into one of the ink colors


Rub tip onto a napkin to clean it.

Repeat with another color until you are done.

Here's the card it went on (this is a re-post of the card)

There is a layout using the same technique (using ranger adirondack inks) on the Prima Paintables (which is pre-printed watercolor paper - but the concept is the same)

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