Wednesday, September 10, 2008

organizational tip

Organization is a huge thing with me in my crafty space. Because I am a very spontaneous crafter with extremely limited time, I need to keep my stuff easily accessible and in easy reach/use so I can grab that 30 minutes when I can, w/o having to spend half of it digging out from under a mess to search for something or the other.

My stamp pads have been a huge challenge. I use different brands for different reasons, and they are different sizes. i've tried everything to store them but they were always a little bit to much effort to access (zipped baggie) or too huge (the cassette on the wall method). In recent years, I've been using a CD shelf unit - but its large and I have to get up and walk across the room and squeeze in to a very small space - if C isn't blocking it b/c his computer is right there...

So, I wanted them on my desk - which does not have a lot of room. enter - this company

Acrylic Stamp Pad Organizer

Oh, this was so perfect. They are all on my desk right now and i can just reach over. Doesn't matter which pad I want, easy in easy out.... I thought I'd share.
(These are the promotional pictures from their website - mine doesn't look that cute but its completely functional)

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