Friday, May 9, 2008

Pricebook - Maya Road

Thursday's project (a day late...)

This project was inspired by a “What are your best money saving tips” thread, and a member's response about the preparation of a price book, to keep in your purse and keep track of what the prices are at different places for your favorite products, so “you’ll know at a glance whether you’re getting a deal” at lifetimemoments.

Like many, my food and household bills have gone through the roof in the past few weeks. With $4/gas in a city that has a very poor mass transportation system, I am looking for ways to adjust to our new financial reality. What a great idea the price book was. And the Maya Road sheer album was perfect. It fits perfectly in my purse and because it is plastic and not cardboard, it will stand up to the repeated jostling and handling.

To get detailed pictures and instructions, as well as the PDF for the template for the insert tables, please see lifetimemoments newsletter (click here). TFL! Wendy

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