Saturday, October 25, 2008


I was tagged by martha. List 7 things about myself....

1) I've been a cutter/paster and crafter all my life. I started scrapping in the af/lf way when my son was born 8.5 years ago; was introduced to StampinUp! right about that time.

2) I used to be a CTMH demo. I found out quickly I love creating, but I'm not a very good salesperson; now I'm just a good customer... :)

3) I am very rule driven in my day job as a lawyer. So in my creative life, I purposefully try new things all the time - I never wanted to limit myself with artificial rules of style or anything. Polar opposites....

4) I'm happiest when covered in glue and paint

5) scraping and stamping are as much a therapy for me as they are an artistic endeavor. I need the creative outlet to relieve the very high stress of my work.

6) i do most of my creating in the very wee hours - i try and so something before work if I can to orient my head for the days work - i wake up at 4 am - its the only way I can find time for myself to create a bit

7) i am a tool lemming. if you say you love it, I'll probably have to try it immediately... hee hee!!!

I now tag anyone who is reading this and wants to play along... Happy saturday everyone.

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Linsey said...

How fun learning a bit more about my Unity pal! You are a huge inspiration to me and so many--in more ways than crafting. I think you've found the perfect balance in life and I'm so happy that you give yourself the time to be creative, because you do it so well! I'm sure you have to get creative in your career as well, but in different ways, hehe! TFS, Wendy! hugs~