Friday, October 17, 2008

friday reveal and embossing velvet cardstock...

The theme this week at lifetimemoments was fuzzy textile stuff.

The velvet cardstock from Doodlebug is so fun to manipulate and texturize.

Here, I've done most of it already, we're going to work up the last bit.

For this technique, you need a red rubber wood mounted stamp. I have never tried this with a red rubber UNMOUNTED stamp, so I do not know if it would work. Spray the part of the velvet cardstock you will be embossing with water.

Place your rubber stamp rubber UP on your ironing board

Place your cardstock, the part you seek to emboss, velvet DOWN facing the red rubber. Put your iron over it - hold for about 5 seconds - lightly move back and forth, pressing down the entire time - you will see a very faint image of your stamp - no more than 30 seconds....

Voila. Done! Set it aside to dry.

Once it is dry, you can use it as any other paper. Because this is paper backed, you can shape it, crumple it, etc... Because it is paper backed, you can also run it through a die cut machine (I used both sizzix and sizzlets).

NOTE: if you somehow re-wet it, the emboss will not stick around (as i learned when I tried to "distress" one of my die cuts with ink - the total wetness of it left me with no pattern - though when I just worked up the edges, it was ok).

Stamp is from Unity Stamp Company - Distressed Dots

Here are my layouts: Click on the layout title to go to my gallery and find them with links to the products used....

Birthday Present 08

Snow Day

Closeups of the emboss

TFL! Wendy


Lee (LuvLee on SCS) said...

WOW!!!! Oh my these are just FABulous!!! The details are just gorgeous and I am soooo lovin' that distressed dots stamp!!!

JenMarie said...

WOWZERS! Totally FaB*U*LouS!

Ravengirl said...

That is amazing! This is something that I never would have thought to do! Thanks for the detailed description!

Anonymous said...

Really nice! Happy Birthday?