Thursday, February 28, 2008

Thursday reveal

Years ago when I first started scrapping, I would go to crops with everything I owned. It would take HOURS to pack and unpack. I grew weary of it and stopped going for a while. And then, one day, I ended up at a crop spontaneously and had no time but to grab the most recent kits that came in the mail and I was just THRILLED with how easy it was to transport but also, how creatively FREE I felt without the angst of spending all that time picking it all out. Because it was self contained, my brain was free to just create....

From that experience, I have gotten into the habit of going to crops ONLY with kits. In addition to the monthly kits I subscribe to, I periodically go through my stash and create them - mixing both old and new along the way. It all goes into my crop bag and when its time to go, all I need to do is pack my tools.

the cool thing is this week's challenge for the DT at lifetimemoments was to pack your own page kits - I did this with Tinkering Ink Beloved

Here are my layouts. I love the challenge of doing with what you've got - no adding... and so, I couldn't slap a pound of flowers on this, which is what I would have done if I had been unrestricted. So, I did my next favorite technique - i cut the flowers out of the pattern. (I actually cannot leave a big flower on its base sheet. I am compelled to cut it out, cut it apart, and relayer...)

TFL! Wendy

Sweet Dreamer

2 Front Teeth

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