Monday, February 18, 2008

-sweet dreams baby-

During my stint at Prima, I had my prima flowers segregated from the others to make it easier when designing. I always reached for the prima every time I was working on anything.

Now that my stint termed out, I took some time this weekend to file and reorganize my flowers into one large system - sorted by color groups. The majority is still prima, but now the misc. other manufacturers are mixed in. Now, when I want some flowers, I just grab the right color group and I'm good to go...

I've been working on older photos and stash busting. I did this with purple... i didn't realize I had so much purple...

I've been seeing some of these smaller sized 'die cut' papers. i wanted one, so I used my word program and simply printed out two brackets about a square shaped apart from each other. I transferred it to chipboard, connected the sides, and voila. My own template.

This is my dad and my niece.

TFL. Wendy

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