Friday, January 25, 2008

Luxe Color Me

the theme for this week's newsletter was Luxe's Color Me paper. It is a cardstock weight PP that is plain black and white, for you to color any way you wish.

Here are my two:

My favorite way to color is to use a water brush, and some coloring medium...

1) ink pad pressed onto something plastic to get some ink dribbles, that I then dip my water brush into, and then color.

2) plain colored pigment inks (I have a calligraphy ink set) - same method - the color on this method is much more concentrated

3) water color paints - artist grade is very vibrant. for a softer color, I use my DD's water colors.

4) same method - with chalk or you can just use qtips with chalk directly to paper w/o water. its a very soft color

5) i've tried pencils and crayons too (I went through an experimental phase too with the Prima Paintables). I prefer these two methods less.

I love the waterbrush you don't need to change brushes between colors. just whoosh it a bit on a scrap, then go on to the next color.

6) color with stickles

7) OR i'll use the paper just as a black and white on its own.

At the end, I liked the results. It is different than the Prima Paintables (which are a printed WATERCOLOR paper) but fun, nonetheless. Totally brings you back to your childhood days of coloring....


Christi Snow said...

Wendy, these are awesome! I love the fun vibe that the paper adds to the layouts. Totally fun! smiles...

mg said...

I really like the splash of color in these layouts. Very effective. :)