Friday, February 5, 2010

Tutorial - little messages gift pack

Hi everyone!! Happy Friday! I'm here with a cute Valentines day gift for your significant other, a little packet of love notes. (Reprinted from the Rubber Romance blog...)

First, cut a piece of plain white copy paper in half length wise, then into strips.

Write on each strip a reason what you love about your significant other.... I think handwriting is best here for the personal nature of it but you certainly could write it on a computer, print it out, then cut into strips after.... Fill up your strips, and roll each message up.

Print the Button Box template from Mirkwood Designs on the backside of a piece of double sided printed paper.

(here's the front side of the paper so you can see what it looks like...)

Cut out your template, score along the score lines. (**note: the print and score lines don't bother me because they are on the inside. If it is an issue for you, print the template onto a white piece of paper, and then use your print out as a template/guide over printed cardstock. You can trace with pencil or simply hold it on top of the paper as a cut guide.)

Tuck your rolled message into the base of your little box/envelope. DON'T adhere your edges. You want it to open up like a cute little packet of notes.

Use stickers to spell "I love..." and adhere to the top flap:

Color your Rubber Romance Image - this is "You Shouldn't Have".

Mat your stamped image, and use same stickers to spell a title. Tie the whole thing with a bow tied string.

On Valentine's Day, it's just a matter of a pull, and all these cute little notes roll out with reasons why you love your special someone...


(i design for rubber romance stamps)