Tuesday, November 17, 2009

farewell to the best scrapbook store on the web

Last week, I learned that lifetimemoments was going to close its doors at the end of this year. I have been blessed to have been designing for LM for many years now - since September, 2005. To say that I love the store, and its owners Jackie and Thad, is an understatement. They are the epitome of grace and generosity, and ran Lifetimemoments with kindness, beauty and love. I am so sad for what the closing represents for Jackie and Thad, although I am 100% confident that life has good things in store for them that will unfold as they move forward. I will miss the community, and the closeness of our design team. We have celebrated babies, promotions, adoptions, moves, marriages, deployments and safe returns, birthdays, and everything else possible in between. While we will always stay in touch and be friends, a part of me recognizes that it will not be the same and how much I will miss logging in every day for my LM fix. I was telling my DH how it felt like someone close to me died. How crazy is that? But my beloved LM. How I will miss you. I wish Jackie and Thad the very very best.

For everyone - there is an awesome liquidation sale going on through December 10. Be sure to stop by Lifetimemoments.

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Juls said...

Just found your crafty blog. I've got to bookmark it. I'm in shock about LM. They were the leaders with everything. I hope they're closing for a good reason. I know how special they are to you.