Sunday, September 27, 2009

tutorial - altered hair accessory holder

A pretty hair accessory holder for the pretty little girls in your life.

Prima mulberry paper, printed paper, and flowwrs on the vine
Kaiser Craft panorama frame

Remove your mulberry paper from the packaging and crinkle it up a couple of times to really soften it up.

When you uncrinkle it, it is much softer - almost like fabric...

Open your frame and take the top part.

I chose this mulberry paper because it is prestitched, such a pretty detail for an altered (nonstitchable) item. randomly place your frame over the stitched parts until you get a positioning that you like. For me, that happens to be the bottom half of this particular sheet. Cut the top half off and put aside.

Apply mod podge liberally over the top of the frame - really liberally - you want a lot of contact between the mulberry and the frame. (I used the packaging from the mulberry paper to protect my work surface from all the dripping glue)

Smooth the bottom half of your mulberry paper onto the top of the frame and use your hands, a brayer, a credit card side, whatever you wish to get complete adhesion on the top. Let it sit for like 10 minutes, to give the glue some time to cure and react with the mulberry paper.

Cut some openngs in the middle part.   Take a spray bottle, a wet paint brush, or whatever works for you, and wet the mulberry paper where the paper meets the edges of your frame. Get it nice and damp

Mulberry paper is very malleable when it is damp. Just pull it either upwards or downwards [u]over[/u] each edge - the hard edge acts as a bit of cutter with the damp paper, and it'll easily just tear apart.

continue around ever edge if your frame - you'll end up with this pretty feathery edging.

(if the feathery-ness bothers you, take your mod podge and go over the edges and wrap it under - the mulberry is very manipulable when wet.) Set aside to dry.

Now take your bottom part of the frame, and adhere to the middle text part of the Prima paper - I used a glue stick. Let sit for a few minutes, them trim away the excess with an exacto blade.

With your cropodile, punch two holes about a third of the way in from each side of the bottom edge of your back framed piece.

cut your lace trim in half, then take each and thread through each hole, hanging down. Secure anyway that you want. Because this was a home dec project, I used a high strength glue gun. Set aside.

Wrap the Prima vine over the top left corner of your frame. With the pre-stitching in the paper, there's little else you need to do ... Adhere your top embellished frame piece to your back frame piece, leaving the trim to hang down underneath. (optional - take some ribbon and glue around all edges to cover where the pieces meet)

The insides is kind of bare. you can put a photo or anything you like to decorate the inside of the frame. I just put a title in. Outline each chipboard letter with a black sharpie.

Voila. You're done. Just add your hair accessories. (the frame has a hole in the back for hanging).

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That is soooo pretty!