Saturday, September 5, 2009

lifetimemoments reveal 9-5

This week, we're focusing on incorporating school papers and memorabilia into layouts.

1) Girls Rock

On this layout, I scanned a picture my daughter had drawn for archival purposes, and printed it to match the size of the picture. The original of the drawing is going up in my office at work

2) Dance to the Music

Oh why oh why do school programs never match the outfits they choose for the kids? These kinds of memorabilia are so hard to mesh into a layout. SOOOO, I just decided to ignore the matchability - there was no way. I picked out the most dominant colors I could (using the bouquet as an inspiration) and matted the three bottom pictures. I then adhered that strip ONLY on the two sides and the bottom to form a pocket. The program slides in the pocket so it can be read and handled again. I cut a second program with the dance she appeared in, and made that a tab on the top right of the pocket. Then I cut out the title in that second program to accent my title for the page.


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