Sunday, May 3, 2009


(REPRINTED FROM LM STYLE - 5-1-09 edition)


by Wendy Chang

New. Novel. Original. Innovative. Fresh. Clean. Bright. Mint. Untouched. Pristine. Unused. Spring is here and we are renewed, as the mornings fill with the sounds of birds chirping, the sun peeks its way into our every day, and the flowers bloom abundant. After the long cold months of winter, the renewal of life in spring always rejeuvenates us into a "scrap de vivre," a new joy in creating, as if our creative muses were integrally tied with both the sun and the renewal of life in nature.

This cyclical return to creativity is as comforting as it should be welcomed. Many of us were initially drawn to scrapping with something "new" in our lives - a new baby, a new job, a new marriage, a new house, new experiences on a trip - all of it giving rise to an almost primal need to document the event in a meaningful and creative way that does justice to the specialness of the occasion. It should come as no surprise, then, that as nature's bounty returns to remind us that as sure as spring always follows winter, light always follows dark. As the sun shines and the flowers bloom, our creative muses raise their sleepy heads, rested and ready to start creating the beautiful pages that mean so much to us and to those we care about.

This spring especially, in these uncertain times, this difficult winter that we’ve just come through, remember that life is anew, all a part of the big cycle of life. Seize upon nature’s continuity to recreate that initial drive that brought you to this wonderful hobby in the first place. Look around and look for the new in your life. Cast aside the last shadows of winter and darkness. Focus instead upon the joyfullness and excitement of the new, to revitalize your desire to capture and document your life. From babies, to weddings, to a garden, to puppies and kittens, etc., the new spring lines from the scrapbooking industry make the tasks both fun and easy. From the natural goodness of Jillibean Soup, to the colorful happy lines from the Paper Company Studio, to the mix of bright and whimsical in Lily Bee – sit down and celebrate the new with a page, and in the process, be renewed.

1) Repose

Stamps are Feel the Joy from Unity Stamp Company

TIP: To get that three toned shadow effect, simply ink your stamp once, and stamp rapidly in succession, altering the position of your stamp slightly each time.

2) Hello There

TIP: These white prima flowers are so perfect for customizing. The gorgeous paper accepts color so easily - the deep emboss retains visual interest. Here, I just swiped my ink pad lightly over the petals.

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