Saturday, May 16, 2009

Copic Coloring - Tutorial 3 - "watercolor painting"

Playing around with my pallette, I stumbled on another technique that I'm having a lot of fun with - "watercolor painting" with my markers.

First, lay down your colors on a non-porous surface - I am using a clear acrylic pallette

 Next, place some Ranger Alcohol Ink blending solution into a little recepticle and grab your favorite paint brush.

Now, with your paint brush, just dip in the blending solution, then swipe through a color to pick it up - you must have the blending solution to carry the alcohol ink over, so redip often. You can dip into more than one color at a time to mix colors, you can apply the colors to your image a bit haphazardly, to fill in the blanks with a different color - to give you nice mixes that still look natural next to each other. When you first lay the color down, sometimes there is a gray cast to it - just wait until the alcohol evaporates, and the color will reveal itself very prettily.

And here she is all done - see how the colors in the skirt and the hair are particularly "smoothly unmixed"?

And here's my finished card. Girl stamp is by Rubber Romance; sentiment is by Savvy Stamps.

And remember, if you want to clean your pallette, just wipe hand sanitizer over it. TFL.


BonnieRose said...

awesome, i don't have copics, but I wonder if this will work with prisma pencils and dove blending solution? I have those.. ?? or with alcohol inks??
do u know??

Mel M. M. McCarthy said...

You are too brilliant for words. I've tried a version of this, but using Copic refills & blending solution. Since I only have a couple of refill colours & the copic colourless blending solution evaporated, I gave up. I just can't thank you enough for sharing such a fantastic technique & all of your great pointers. I haven't been this excited in AGEs! You ROCK!!! :o)