Friday, March 20, 2009

lifetimemoments friday 3-20

Its friday again and we're working with YELLOW!!

Yellow is always an intimidating color for me, but I find I really do love it in layouts.

1) Be Yourself Truthfully

This one uses Sassafrass Lass, and talks about how proud my daughter was when we finally finished the huge hike in the hills of Kyoto

2) a good kind of familiar

journaling reads:

"No matter what I said, I could not convince her that a lot of the food here in Japan was the same stuff we ate at home. The first few days were rough, she would not eat. Thank goodness for McDonald's - not only was it open 24-7, which helped our jet lagged bodies, it was totally familiar..."

TFL. Wendy

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Karen said...

Just got home from work....loving all the HHH postings....but I may not get to see them all....I'm stuck looking at your LO's! I know I gush over your work! They are just beautiful!!