Saturday, March 21, 2009

adding depth to a card

Sometimes when I am working on a stamped card, I look at my finished colored image and get a bit overwhelmed by the white space. (Which is strange, because other times, I love the crispness of it). Here is a Tilda image I finished coloring today (COPICS) for a thank you card:

There would be nothing wrong with simply adhering this to a card like this. BUT, today, alas, my mood was contrary and I wanted to add some depth. I decided to lightly add a sky and grass.

Start with a nice round sponge - you need the round edges to get a soft application of color. cheapo me buys these and cuts them into 4 (You will need a separate one for each color to keep the colors pure)

Just grab your sponge, round side out, and ponce on your ink, then on your card til you get the effect you like

When done, make your card like normal. Here, I am using the new KI Memories DayDream line.

I caution - you really do need those round sponges. Here, I tried being really cheap and using a cut up cosmetic sponge. You can totally see the harsh lines (I put a little black ink on the sponge too to make the lines a little more visible, as well as really ugly red HTML arrows (sorry - I'm not very PSE proficient - couldn't figure out hwo to draw an arrow...)

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