Tuesday, July 1, 2008

When I first started scrapping, everything I owned fit into a single rubbermaid storage box that I toted around when I wanted to scrap. Fast forward 8 years later and I have gone full circle - from that little box - to a large room overflowing with stuff - to the same room, but now purged to a much more manageable stash that no longer paralyzes me.

My organizing system has similarly evolved. I first went the tackle box route - with a separate drawer for everything. Hee hee... I still fit on a single table back then... (December 2002)

Pretty soon, though, I graduated to something that I thought was more decorated, mostly out of necessity because I outgrew that table pretty quickly. This was the garage in my old house with the cabinets stacked back to back with a large board over it:

Inside the cabinets were iris carts and many little tackle boxes - each with a separate compartment with each particular color of everything - red brads had one. purple eyelets had another, etc... Needless to say, it took up a HUGE amount of space. It was also very much out of sight (read... out of mind...) So... that didn't work either. This was from about maybe 2003-2005...

Then we moved and I had the opportunity to re-do my room from ground up. These cabinets were way too big for the new room, though and so I had to think of something else.

As I get older, I find myself moving towards a less is more philosophy - in my house decorations, in my clothing, and in my craft room. Who was it that said it? Simplifying is a luxury for those who have the ability to choose... And I recognize that I am truly blessed to have had the opportunity to have made my way through these cycles to the place where I do feel that I can comfortably let go of some of my stuff. I also recognize that I am a "I need to see it or I will forget" type. Now, everything is organized into loose containers, all out of its packaging, alot of it openly visible, on shelves that line the walls. I find that when I keep it loose and mixed and open, I see combinations and products that I never otherwise have thought of. People often say that my layouts have lots of bits and bobs on them - its a direct result of this organization method, because I just kind of riffle through and pick this or that. They sit nicely up on a shelf.

I'm a long way from my dream room but for now, this very much works for me. If history proves correct, though, I'll be changing it up in a few years. :)

TFL. Wendy

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besh said...

im laughing. im in the same spot. funny too when you recognize that eventually it will change again. =)