Monday, July 28, 2008

dressmaking part two

i know i'm not great at it, but I really do enjoy sewing. I also love vintage patterns, so here, I tried to mix it up - a 50's pattern with a modern mix of prints. i liked it kind of but disliked the way the collar looked so homemade - mom said my mistake was not cutting the top strip on the bias - heh. pattern didn't say to. so bleh...

but it looked awkward and I hated it (though A loves ANYTHING made for her. it makes her feel special - and so, i soldier on in my attempts to master the skill)

Anyhow. Reading Amy Karol's blog, she rhapsodizes about fold over elastic (FOE), bias trim AND elastic in one. I hopped on to ebay and bought some. When trying to take apart the top collar I ripped the fabric. woops. So had to cut the whole dang thing off. which, actually, turned out to be a GREAT thing... I really like how it turned out!!


Karen said...

Adorable!! I like it much better with the new neckline!! I use to sew for my girls who are now 25-28yo. You'll find new tricks and be more pleased with your work, but, it looks like you're doing wonderful!!

Vickie said...

That's adorable!!!!!!! You did a good job!!!