Thursday, November 4, 2010

Hip Hop November 2, 2010

Good morning everyone!!  Welcome to Hip Hop!!

Today we're featuring Thanksgiving table decor - I have a modification on the theme and a request for your help, suggestions and opinions.

Later this month, I am in charge of a charity event for a large non crafty organization.  I have 100 noncrafty people coming in to fill food baskets for pre-screened families (mostly women and children) who are domestic violence survivors.   With the basket filling, we will be making cards, and each volunteer will write a personal message - the card will then be tied onto the top of the food basket and the volunteer will also decorate the basket top.

Table top decor in a sense that this might be the only Thanksgiving gift that these families will be getting.

I have to kit up 100 cards - here's my rub...

it has to be easy enough that non-crafty people can do it
it has to be easy enough not to instigate creative paralysis (these are noncrafty professionals...)
any message on it must be sensitive to their situation (hence the very generic sentiment I've used)
it has to be versatile enough that younger people can do it (people are bringing their families)
it has to be nice enough that I'm not embarrassed to kit it
and it has to be easy enough that I can cut 100 of them fairly easily.

This is all coming out of my stash - so things are a little OLD, and not all 100 kits will be exactly alike.   But I came up with 3 designs and am asking you to let me know which one you like best?

Also, I would LOVE LOVE LOVE your suggestions on how people who want to kick it up a notch can glam them up.  I will have a small table with more advanced items there for people to take it a step up if they want to.

So, I'm using my cricut b/c that seems easiest for cutting the main element.  The straight lines I can easily cut on my trimmer.  I could substitute a pumpkin there instead of the acorn.  I had a gorgeous leaf design before, but it was so intricate, I thought it would freak out the volunteers.... so I went with easy cut lines.

I will prestamp it all to make it easier (and since I only have one set)

Card 1 - ok.  what do you think of the bottlecap?  Yuck?  should I just do a cardstock circle mat?

This uses the Samantha Walker Fall Family Memories set and the grainy background set
 Card 2 - again using the Samantha Walker set, and the Worn Grid background

 Card 3 - using the inside image and the November KOTM and the woodgrain background stamp

Thank you so much for stopping by, and thanks in advance for any suggestions you might have.
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Enjoy your thursday!

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StampinCathy said...

Cute card! I just love the colors and how you used the bottle caps.

Erika said...

Great card. the colors are fabulous. thanks for sharing

JPScraps said...

The cards are beautiful! I think any of the cards would work but the last card is probably the easiest for non crafters.

marilyn said...

Fabulous cards--what about having all three available and they just pick the one they want to make? Love this idea! I love the last one most.

Rona said...

I think card three is my favorite!! I have done these types of things many times (usually with teenage girls) You are definitely on the right track and I think they will love doing it!! I have 200 cards to get ready for next weekend for a group - With the teenagers though they tend to want to do their own thing a little so I am giving them several choices and they will just be gluing things to the cards. I will have everything cut and ready. The prep time for something like this is almost as much as if you are doing them all yourself!! But really they will love it and your recipients will be blessed knowing that you took the time to make them feel special!!

Ashley said...

How sweet :) I like the third card best.

Julie said...

They are all beautiful!

symbelly said...

Beautiful cards.
i like the 3rd card too.

Anonymous said...

Cute Cards~

scrapper al said...

I like the third card the best. And it looks the easiest to put together. I would be a little bit concerned about sharp edges on the bottle cap, but I'm overly conservative that way.

Noelle Reese said...

I love all the cards! As long as they can see an example they can put them together right? :)

Anne said...

I like card #3 the best! It is simple, but has good design and looks great! I think that anyone should be able to make it and I don't think you need to glam it up at all. Good for you for taking on such a big and special project!!

Ola said...

Card 3 is my favorite (but I love them all, I really love the bottle cap)!!!

Thank you so much for sharing!!!

okj83 at live dot com

Lisa said...

#2 is my favorite, but #3 is probably easiest. I'd ditch the bottlecap, yea....I'm just not a fan. :)