Friday, January 8, 2010

tutorial - magnet board stand

Good morning everyone! Today, we're making a magnet board stand.

This is a sheet of roofing flashing that you can buy at the home improvement store for under $5 a sheet. It's approximately the same size as letter sized paper. Be careful when handling - the edges are sharp.
Put the bottom edge of it over your table and carefully push down, creating a fold.

Now, your flashing is a "stand"

From there, its on to decorating. Adhere paper to the front, and then wrap it around like a present. You need to wrap those sharp edges.
Cover the gap in back with another sheet of paper.
Now, color your rubber romance image - this one is Diva Chef
And then simply decorate the top of the board any way you wish. I'm using mine for recipes, so I'm keeping it flat b/c its got a sealant over it to protect the paper.

And here it is in action - with a recipe magneted up. Enjoy.

the idea to use the flashing as a magnet base is concepted from Christle Torvinen.

Thanks for stopping by. Wendy

i design for rubber romance stamps

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Lisa said...

What a great idea, love what you did. Might have to try something like this for my girls to use for playing with their magnets since our frig isn't magnetic.