Wednesday, February 11, 2009

a baby gift

I went to a baby shower for my cousin on saturday. Being still in my handmade mode b/c of circumstances, I made a pair of baby swaddlers. I always struggled with my babies always kicking off the swaddle, but they were always so comforted by it. With a screaming baby, I never mastered the art of folding a huge receiving blanket just so - and quickly enough to calm the baby.

I wanted something easy to wrap, quick to use, and something non-kickable. A search on the net yielded this cool "pocket" swaddler - the baby goes in the pocket, and then it (a large oval) wraps with no folding, and closes quickly with adjustable velcro. Double layered flannel to ensure just enough warmth during the warming spring (when baby will be born). I made a pair - one and a spare.... Oh how I wish I had something like this back in the day.... TFL. Wendy

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