Wednesday, December 31, 2008

any goals - changes for 2009?

So as we end 2008, do you have any goals or changes that you are going to implement for 2009?

I don't have a lot. Money and economy are issues in my house like many others. The only big change I'm implementing for 2009 is I'm going to switch to smaller formats for my scrapbook layouts - 8x8 and 8.5x11. one reason is my 12x12 printer finally gave out after giving me 6 really good years of workhorse service. My replacement printer I love, but it is regular sized (b/c it was really cheap....) - to print directly on layouts, i'll need smaller formats. Also, I can print regular sized photos and they will not look overwhelmed on the page. And this is also going to help my supplies stretch farther, and hopefully allow me to get more variety with the limited budget that I will have in this new year. It leaves me extra for my cards too. I may still hit in the 12x12 format for bigger multi layouts, but for the most part, I'm scaling it down.... luckily, I use the American Crafts 3 d-ring albums - you can put ANY size page protector in them.

How about you?

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