Sunday, August 3, 2008

Tagged, and an award

Thank you so much to Lisa for nominating my blog for this award!! I am so honored, especially since Lisa is one of my idols!!! Lisa is mega talented (absolute GENIUS with unique paper projects), but even more importantly, the nicest lady ever. So giving and loving, i am always inspired by her ability to be the rock of her family, and still find time to be true to her inner girl, and also, her inner crafty-diva.

Now, its time to pass it along....

Here are the rules for receiving this award:
1) Put the logo on your blog
2) Add a link to the person who awarded you
3) Nominate at least 7 other blogs
4) Add links to those blogs on yours
5) Leave a message for your nominees on their blogs
So here are my nominations (in no particular order)....(and because I do not know if this is limited to scrappy blogs, I've broadened it) because these ladies inspire me almost daily with their creativity and goodness.

1) Angela Magnuson - Angela owns Unity Stamp Company. She set out to create this cutting edge innovative company, and in the process, built one of the most awesome DT's EVER. Angela is so positive and supportive, always there with an inspirational word of encouragement. She inspires me so - stunningly beautiful, so committed to her family, and with one of the strongest business heads I've met.

2) Christi Snow - I had the honor of meeting Christi many years ago as a member of a online scrappy store that has since closed. Christi is so positive and talented, and always just so nice.

3) Araxi - the single most talented lady ever - amazing photographer - amazing scrapper (though she doesn't scrap anymore), and such a wonderful friend... A lady who approaches life and its challenges with such grace and dignity and who is always there with a smile, totally supportive.

4) Sonya - Sonya is the sweetest and probably the most innovative scrapper I know. She has this amazing ability to mix product and items onto a page into something absolutely cohesive and energetic. She is also so wonderful as a person, with a strength that inspires me always.

5) Besh - I had the honor of serving with Besh on the Lifetime Moments team until she left the team. Besh is so unique and my crafty inspiration. Her art is edgy, funky and absolutely fun. Besh is another whose strength and positivity inspire me always.

6) Ching - I met Ching at my very first crop. Ching introduced me to the scrappy world as I know it today, which was then an entirely new way of life. She opened my eyes, opened my creativity - i was so uptight back then - I wouldn't even stick a sticker down without total anxiety about "my lack of creativity" - Ching patiently held my hand, encouraged me, and led me into this new world.... She's so creative, very giving, and all around just a joy. I am forever grateful....

7) Missy - I met missy a little after I met Ching - though Missy was much farther along the creative road than i was, she was, like me, a career girl discovering a whole new side. She obsessed with me, and, not only did she never chide me from wanting to try or buy something, or make me feel bad, she was often right behind me with her basket of stuff in one hand, wallet in the other, and then we'd both settle down to the business of trying it all out... We went to our first CKU together, we entered the publishing world together, heh, even bought our houses together. My long lost crafty twin.

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besh said...

how sweet! thanks!! you know i think your the best! ;)
and...i just remembered the photos from CHA. i must scrap that one of you...remember???